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Garage Door Maintenance

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Care for Torsion Springs

Garage Door MaintenanceWithout the spring, the automatic garage door would be just a stack of panels which are kept together by the hinges and tracks. This component is responsible for the proper opening of the door so it is crucial to care for it properly. Trying to handle this kind of job by yourself is dangerous, so leave the work to us, at “Garage Door Repair Hayward”. We’ll start by testing the spring’s force when the opener is disconnected from the door. If the test reveals that the component holds too much or too little force, it will be adjusted accurately right away. The next step involves lubricating the coils in order to reduce friction and the rate of wearing. It contributes to quieter operation too. Rely on us to use the best lubricant and to cover each coil perfectly. All of our materials are approved by door manufacturers.   

Safety Sensors Maintenance

These small components are crucial for the safe operation of the door. Our first job is to inspect them for damage. Our focus is on the wiring as it is prone to twisting. If it's damaged, we’ll replace it. Cleaning the sensors and aligning them accurately is also part of our work. We run two tests to determine how well the sensors work along with the opener to reverse the course of the closing door when there is an object on the floor below it. If the devices fail either one of the tests, count on us to fix them or replace them without delay. Our garage door maintenance services include preventive repair. 

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