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We understand that garage door problems can be nuisance, which is why we compiled some of the following tips. By consulting with our experts, we put together some bits of information that anyone can apply to increase the lifespan, look and overall performance of the door and mechanism.

Opening a frozen garage door

The most common cause of a garage door freezing shut is water leaking under the bottom seals then freezing to the ground. Use a heat source such as a hairdryer to gently melt the ice. Once the ice has loosened and the door can be opened, remove any traces of water and check the seals for signs of damage. You may need a replacement seal to prevent this issue from reoccurring.

Judging the headroom of your garage

Headroom is the measurement between the very top of your door and the lowest point of the ceiling or pipe work. Different doors will require differing amounts of headroom depending on the springs used. Extension springs will usually require ten inches minimum, while torsion springs need more. Our professionals suggest you check your headroom carefully as it could affect your choice of door system.

Check the hinges and screws regularly

You might consider the little garage door parts unimportant but they are actually very significant components and can make a difference between a safe and unsafe operation and garage system. A few missing screws and faulty garage door hinges may loosen up the cable or cause equally important damages. They will definitely keep the door much stronger and intact, especially in hurricane prone areas.

Garage door repair for wooden structures

Staining wooden parts is essential even if you do not dedicated weather stripping. The material that is used will protect the structure from wood lice and other related problems. You should do this during garage door repair. The climate in Hayward is not really that bad but you should try to take care of all eventualities. There are some pretty good tools and materials out there that you can use.

Fix the loose cable

When the garage door cable is loose, the door won't move properly. It's important to remember that one problematic component will affect the efficiency of other components, too. Loose cables must be adjusted and repaired and our garage door experts can provide immediate assistance.

Make good investments and don’t scrimp

If budget is not an issue, don’t scrimp when it comes to buying a garage door since it is an investment. This also applies when you order garage door parts or replacements. It’s always good to get items of best quality, such as springs, lubricants, or remotes. It’s all going to be worth it.

Unplug the opener if you will be gone for a while

One good way to keep your home safe while you are gone for vacation is to unplug the garage door opener. Without the power supply of the opener, the garage door would not move even if forced since the mechanism is locked. One option is to bolt the door for additional safety.

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