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Garage Door Springs

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Torsion and Extension Spring Safety

Garage Door SpringsThe garage door springs are in charge of counterbalancing the door. For this, they are loaded with a specific amount of tension corresponding to the door’s weight. During opening, this tension is released and used to lift the door. During closing, the springs are loaded once again. Given that they hold a huge amount of tension these components require careful installation. Count on us to do this job accurately. We always run strong and secure safety cables through extension springs. When the springs break eventually, the cables hold the pieces in place and prevent them from shooting across the garage and possibly causing damage and injury. Rely on us to take extra care with the adjustment of torsion springs. We ensure that the optimal amount of tension is used for balancing and lifting the door.

Spring Replacement

When a spring breaks, we’ll replace it in the shortest imaginable time to make door opening possible once again. Count on us at “Garage Door Repair Hayward” to remove the pieces of the old component safely and to install and adjust the new one perfectly. If there are two springs, should the second one be replaced too? This is often recommended as both extension and torsion springs tend to have the same rate of weakening and usually the two components in a set break within six months of each other. Replacement is also required when a spring has become very weak or is damaged beyond repair. When we install a garage door, it’s our commitment to set a brand new spring system in place.

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