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The Importance of the Springs

04/07/2016 Back To Blog

Small but sturdy, garage door springs are arguably the most important part of your entire system. Not just because they keep your door balanced and opening smoothly, but because they are essential for the safe use of your door. The trouble is that springs often go unnoticed, their strain and damage overlooked until such time that they eventually fail, throwing the operation of your doors into disarray. This is why it is so important to keep tabs on their condition, and get them replaced as soon as they start showing signs of any problems. This article aims to help you understand a little bit more about these heroic little components, so that you can understand why they are so necessary for the utility and safety of your setup.The Importance of the Springs

Why are springs important

As we said above, springs work in unison to keep your garage door in balance. There are always two of them, situated either on the upper tracks or above the door when it is closed, depending on what type of spring your door uses. They evenly distribute the weight of your door between them to assist with smooth operation, but they do a little more than just that.

Springs practically keep the door from falling down and so they are essential for the safe use of the door, which is another reason why there are two of them. With such a crucial task, it is absolutely essential that there is a failsafe in the form of the additional spring. This is why it is so important to ensure that when one spring breaks, you don’t just leave the rest of the work up to the remaining one. Because should this one fail, the consequences can be disastrous. That is why it is important to conduct spring replacement as soon as it is necessary.

Springs don’t act on their own

As far as safety is concerned, door manufacturers concede that it’s not a good idea to leave all of the safety measures in the coils of just two springs. It is after all possible that both springs could fail at roughly the same time, or a person could neglect to change a broken one. This is why the garage door safety cable is so important. The cable will take the weight (at least temporarily) of the door should both the springs fail. This means that with effort, the door can still be operated, and even better, it won’t come crashing down on any cars or unsuspecting people should the springs fail at the same time.

Hopefully this has given you a better idea of why springs are so important for garage doors, encouraging you to take excellent care of them and to opt for professional assistance should they eventually fail.

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