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The Value of Lubrication Maintenance

06/16/2015 Back To Blog

Garage door lubrication maintenance is not a trivial and unimportant task; it is a major one, although not everyone sees it that way. Some people might consider it one more way to quiet down the noisy overhead door. Although lubrication is one of the best solutions when parts are noisy, have you ever thought that the noise wouldn't be there if components were always lubricated at the right time? In other words, lubrication might be a solution to problems related to noises but it's also a preventive service.The Value of Lubrication Maintenance

Galvanized parts require lubrication all the same

Think of your garage door parts. Most (if not all) of them are made of steel. This is a tough material and that's why it is used for the construction of garage doors and their components. The steel surface could get scratched if it comes in contact with other components made of steel, too. Since all parts of the door are somehow interconnected, they require lubricants in order to slide well and in order for their surfaces to be protected. Let's take garage door rollers, for example, which are in direct contact with tracks. When both parts are made of steel, they require good lubricants in order for the rollers to move and both parts to remain in proper condition.

Try to imagine the awful sound steel makes when it is rubbed against another piece of steel. Now add the force of the door's weight. Its easy to understand the ease with which steel to obtain damage. Lubricants protect the material by creating a layer of protection with their oily substance. Not only do they protect steel from wearing and becoming noisy but they also protect steel from rust. This is true even for galvanized steel parts. The right lubricants will protect the galvanized surface of the tracks, for example. Simply put, the process of galvanization includes the protection of steel materials by special zinc coatings, which are resistant to moisture. If the surface of galvanized parts is scratched due to friction, it will crack and allow the oxidization or else erosion of the material. Lubrication maintenance won't only save you from noises but also from expenses.

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